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Jodene Denton, President, YepSketchJodene Denton, President
The world’s greatest architectural designs were initially conceived in two-dimensions: hand drawings and written specifications. Following the invention of computers and the dawn of the 90s, computer-aided design (CAD) became the most popular medium for drawing designs. The 2000s witnessed the introduction of Building Information Modeling (BIM) that completely transformed the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) design industry. With the ability to develop accurate 3D models, BIM has today become the framework for innovation and productivity. “BIM is the 4.0 declination for the building industry, being closely connected to architecture, the furniture industry, design, communication, home automation, interaction, and urban planning, among many others,” says Jodene Denton, President of YepSketch. While 3D BIM models have become the norm across multiple industries, the main challenge for BIM proponents is to generate awareness about the new possibilities and transformation offered by the technology. This is where YepSketch brings its compelling value proposition.

Headquartered in New South Wales, Australia, YepSketch offers a vast library of 3D models and BIM content for use by architects, designers, builders, property developers, manufacturers, and general consumers. The company also has a creative studio that supports architecture, design, and communication projects with a keen focus on connecting furnishing and design companies with professionals.

YepSketch’s library offers furnishing and design companies a free showcase of their products and a new revenue stream while giving professionals the ability to access and download 3D models of products in diverse formats required by the market, making them ready to insert in their projects.

The Beginning

Established in 2010, YepSketch’s idea was derived from a job Jodene had in the kitchen design industry. As 3D models were making it easier to present ideas and visualize the final result, Jodene heard from architects about the mass demand for a centralized library that could house 3D models and content. With much time and research, Jodene understood that a complete set of design libraries must consist of a full range of 3D and BIM files. This led her to develop a creative library where the specifiers (designers, builders, architects) could find all the necessary tools for their specific work. As YepSketch progressed over time, the company started introducing 3D services, including lifestyle and product rendering, product configurators and visualizers, virtual reality, and animations. “Eventually, with massive growth and demand, we decided to make YepSketch the “mother company” with the development and inclusion of Yeplibrary (3D library) and Yepstudio (creative agency),” says Jodene. Today, YepSketch has over 160 staff ranging from 3D artists and animators to renderers, coders, and quality control teams.
“We are very proud of our growth and the story behind our company,” Jodene adds.

A Complete Library

Yeplibrary is a dual service. It offers digitalization and free hosting for companies that want to spread their products digitally (3D and BIM models) while doubling as an easy-to-find tool/service for 3D & BIM models (of existing products) for designers. With a broad range of file formats pertaining to a complete package of 3D and BIM models, designers can easily find their models on the platform in each of the leading BIM formats compatible with the main design software. “We host up to 12 formats per product in our library, and this will cover every 3D-modeling platform in the market,” says Rachael Ruprecht, General Manager of YepSketch. The company also has the ability to fit and/or help clients or specifiers with customized solutions. “If a specific product required is not in our library, we will do all we can to assist with it,” Rachael adds.

Further, YepSketch allows specifiers to download an unlimited amount of content from its library without any restrictions, for a minimal price of $99 for 12 months. The contents of the YepSketch library are approved by manufacturers so that it maintains the highest quality and accuracy.

“Unlike many of our competitors, we are particularly keen on spreading only the models approved by the brands we deal with. This protects our brands and their corporate know-how, and gives designers the certainty of having models with reliable shapes, textures, and information,” asserts Jodene. She adds, “Our library has several prestigious brands, so new clients are interested in aligning against their competitors. The brands we deal with do not pay for a hosting service. We do not sell advertising. In fact, we rely on professional concreteness. We have no agreements with any software house in order to provide objective data.”

Custom Designed Solutions

While Yeplibrary hosts all the models, Yepstudio, the in house creative agency that deals with representation and communication, allows YepSketch to offer cost-effective creative and artistic services for specific client needs. “We develop all our projects tailored to the client’s needs,” says Rachael. YepSketch’s team do not limit themselves to recreating realistic scenarios. Instead, they bend reality to new meanings to give power to customers’ communication. “To many of our customers, we guarantee anonymity on our platforms,” Rachael adds.

To elaborate on YepSketch’s value proposition, consider their engagement with Kohler USA that needed to produce high-quality end-to-end 3D concepts for their consumers. This included stunning lifestyle renders of new bathrooms and virtual reality scenes to provide interactive engagement to their customers.

By collecting material lists from Kohler, including mock-up designs and a brief on design finishes and color schemes, sample photos, and other decorative elements, YepSketch initially created a set of “prelim” renders. Upon receiving briefing materials, the company went ahead with texturing and rendering products to make the designs look as realistic as possible. The project also involved the simulation of real-world surfaces and lighting.
Rachael Ruprecht, Vice President
Yepstudio was able to produce final renders at 300dpi print quality and approximately 2000 pixels x 2000 pixels to create a “real-life” project. The company developed high-quality fixtures and furniture, including virtual reality tools, so that Kohler can provide an amazing experience for their clients to visualize their new bathroom before it gets built. Similar to Kohler, YepSketch has helped many other clients, including Villeroy and Boch, Kaldewei, Sub Zero and Wolf, Caesarstone, Rinnai, and Jeldwen with successful projects.

"We do not limit ourselves to recreating realistic scenarios; instead, we bend reality to new meanings to give power to our customers’ communication"

The Road Ahead

Being a global one-stop-shop for 3d services, YepSketch is continually developing new software, codes, and scripts for visualizers and product configurators that are custom and unique. The company will soon release a series of explanatory videos on the importance and the “ways of using the BIM,” as a part of their BIM training courses. “Some of our largest milestones have been the development of our innovative 3D visualization services that set us apart in the 3D-world,” says Jodene. YepSketch is also working on a digitalization system that will make their internal processes efficient while giving them the ability to automatically manage orders and issue of estimates in order to give quick answers to customers.

YepSketch is currently serving clients across multiple locations, including Australia, New Zealand, North and South America, Europe, and Asia. The company is investing heavily in the European market and in a new positioning of models of high-end and luxury products. “We do a lot of research and development to keep up with all the areas of interest and the geographical regions we are covering,” says Jodene. The European team has young and highly competent people equipped with all the necessary figures to meet demands that are required in presenting BIM calls and projects up to the greatest challenges. YepSketch has five-year and annual plans to conquer the European market with a coordinated organization and representation of consultancy services that cover all the project phases.

In the coming years, YepSketch is planning to develop sustainability in design through BIM. “Our idea is to be present in many international furnishing, construction, and digitization fairs to have a constantly updated role and transversal,” says Jodene. “We come from the technical world, and we like to keep our feet on the ground, but in the same way, we have decided to invest part of the time of our most brilliant employees in the research and development of new possible business. Soon we will give visibility to our best 3D artists internationally on our website,” concludes Jodene.
- Michael Rosario
    March 16, 2020
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NSW, Australia

Jodene Denton, President and Rachael Ruprecht, Vice President

YepSketch is a 3D model and material library that allows specifiers to download trademarked models for their design. YepSketch's library offers furnishing and design companies a free showcase of their products and a new revenue stream while giving professionals the ability to access and download 3D models of products in diverse formats required by the market, making them ready to insert in their projects

"BIM is the 4.0 declination for the building industry, being closely connected to architecture, the furniture industry, design, communication, home automation, interaction, and urban planning, among many others"

- Jodene Denton, President

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