Beck Technology: Changing the Destiny of Preconstruction

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Stewart Carroll, President, Beck TechnologyStewart Carroll, President
“Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem and a big idea turn into an innovation” These words by Dean Kamen, inventor of Segway relates to the journey of Beck technology inventing Destini. Preconstruction process was an old problem every estimator and contractor struggled with. The inaccuracy in estimation due to the vague idea of design and cost led the industry to integrate technology into workflow. Even after the introduction of estimating platforms, figuring out how to adapt them still posed a question. Understanding this dynamic shift in preconstruction and the breakpoint, Beck Group set up Beck Technology 23 years ago with innovation as a mandate. Founded in 1996, Beck Technology, a software and services company for the architecture, engineering, and construction (A/E/C) industry have applied technology and disruptive thinking to provide innovative solutions for fundamental rework of the commercial construction conceptual modeling and estimating process.
“Our DESTINI software suite is purpose-built for the construction industry by construction experts” says Stewart Carroll, President of Beck technology. Beck’s still-popular DESTINI suite of products includes Profiler and Estimator. Combining 3D modeling with pricing, DESTINI Profiler allows the clients to visualize in 5D how different design elements affect pricing and creates more accurate estimates than those achieved with 2D drawings. In DESTINI Estimator, both 2D and BIM-based takeoff is integrated while supporting unit-based and crew-based estimation. The ability to compare the projects with the company’s cost history with the help of comparison reporting brings significant efficiency gains to the preconstruction workflow. DESTINI Data Manager, the central data management application supports both DESTINI Profiler and DESTINI Estimator and provides a single database platform for both conceptual and detailed estimating. By integrating DESTINI Profiler with DESTINI Estimator, the entire end-to-end construction process is streamlined from estimating through project management, accounting, and production.

When Sundt Construction’s director of preconstruction services, Don Goodrich, recognized that the firm’s estimating software platform was becoming outdated, he knew it was time to act. Having used DESTINI Profiler to impress clients, Don understood that both DESTINI Profiler and DESTINI Estimator work together well and take the company’s estimating capabilities to the next level. He cites the case of a large university project, where DESTINI suite was utilized. The architect’s plans were modeled in DESTINI Profiler and carried till its development. This information was transferred into Estimator and carried through until it’s built. “The DESTINI products give clients more confidence and insight as well as input in the preconstruction process” says Don. Since DESTINI Estimator became publicly available in 2015, over 30 companies on the ENR “Top 400 Contractors” list have made the shift to integrated preconstruction technology, including Balfour Beatty, The Korte Company, Gilbane, Layton Construction Company, and Cumming Corporation.

Apart from the innovative suite products, excellent customer service and tech support are given to the clients. The company provides exploration that gives potential customers a hands-on and practical application of DESTINI; it also introduces general contractors to the Beck Technology team that will be responsible for implementation. While many software comes in a box with a guide, the Beck technology provides guidance and support at every point of time.

The company is aiming to revolutionize the A/E/C industry by fundamentally re-thinking the delivery process, resulting in order-of-magnitude improvements in value. “Beck Technology is focused on revolutionizing the construction industry and we believe that providing an integrated preconstruction platform that allows our customers to provide the best solutions to their customers, increases the predictability of capital projects, while significantly reducing the builder’s risk and increasing their efficiency” concludes Stewart.

"Our DESTINI software suite is purpose-built for the construction industry by construction experts"

- Stewart Carroll, President

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