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From 2-D CAD drawing to 3-D modeling, building information modeling (BIM) has evolved tremendously and is making waves in the construction industry. BIM analysis assists architects, engineers, and professionals in the construction business in driving sustainable design by identifying efficiencies in construction materials, glazing locations, mechanical system design, and much more. One company making great strides in the BIM landscape is Ohio-based WD Partners that provides BIM consulting and services in multiple segments such as design, construction, asset management, procurement, and sustainability.

As a consultancy firm, WD works with its clients in a variety of ways and capacities. Be it brand planning & strategy, operations planning, engineering, or construction management, WD has it covered. “We look to add value by matching our BIM services in each phase of our clients’ projects, from branding to construction closeout,” says Brenda Bettac, BIM Manager, WD. The company is committed to supporting its customers through its BIM services and has invested in state-of-the-art laser scanning technology and Point Cloud software for surveying. The in-house scanning and surveying services help WD to streamline the process for clients, saving them costs and reducing the time to scan the designs.

With the need to create efficiencies and synergies across their business, many brands, retailers and restaurants are looking to merge and even consolidate the consultancies, partners, and architect of record (AORs) they work with. “WD is an end-to-end solution provider and can be that “one stop shop” for them, bringing more than 50 years of experience and expertise. As we continue to leverage our BIM services across all our disciplines, we can create synergies and efficiencies for our clients,” states Mike Magee, Director Architecture & Engineering, WD.
Today, owing to their lack of knowledge about lifecycle or long-term benefits, clients often struggle to validate the upfront cost of BIM. With the understanding of the advantages and successes driven by BIM utilization and maximization, the team at WD discusses the long-term benefits of BIM programs with them and how they can assist in working toward creating those efficiencies. “Our clients have different levels of benefits that can be realized through BIM, we identify how to maximize the benefits for each of them,” says Jeff Reininger, Sr. Project Manager, WD. For instance, retailers are adopting a remodel strategy and WD helps them in understanding their pre and post remodel phase and assets, keeping their environment relevant for the next-generation consumers.

WD works closely with some of the largest brands in the U.S. and across the globe. For one of those clients, the company implemented a BIM asset management program for more than 4,000 of its stores and more than 10 AORs. It provided format and distribution for BIM content to the entire AOR group, creating a place to consolidate and manage that content. The program was aimed to validate the completeness and accuracy of the models through technology, reporting, asset management, and facilities maintenance. WD reduced the CD and construction timelines as well as allowed the client to use the BIM programs for procurement and scheduling. Additionally, WD impacts the business system analysis for other clients by utilizing BIM to accelerate their construction drawing process.

WD invests in advanced technologies and associate training to ensure that it employs the best when creating BIM programs for its clients. The company is continuously hiring BIM experts to empower their associates and clients as well as expanding their footprint across the globe to support their clients’ needs.

"We look to add value by matching our BIM services in each phase of our clients’ projects, from branding to construction closeout"

- Tara Yavorsky, VP of Marketing

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