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Jason Chamberlain, President & CEO, Tectonix SteelJason Chamberlain, President & CEO
Long before the world knew what to call ‘Building Information Modeling (BIM)’, Jason Chamberlain, the president and CEO of Tectonix Steel, had already caught sight of the fact that advanced 3D modeling software held the key to unlock countless possibilities in the construction process. Tectonix Steel’s genesis was a result of Chamberlain’s commitment to adapt his drawings to the unique sets of standards, procedures, and preferences of fabricators. At the outset, the company empowered its clients with their 3D modeling services for the steel framework in commercial or industrial building construction. For more than 16 years, Tectonix Steel has been facilitating 3D modeling and BIM compliance services to ensure a smooth construction process—from the earliest stages of drafting until the completion of the project. However, the influx of modern technologies has paved the way for Tectonix Steel to reinvent its services.
“We deliver unprecedented speed, clarity, efficiency, and accuracy of the drawings as well as the highest quality steel detailing to our clients. Everyone can buy cutting-edge technologies but not the rich expertise we bring to the table. The combination of technical savvy with rich practical experience is a huge advantage for our clients,” says Chamberlain. He underscores that the challenge in the steel detailing industry boils down to the accuracy of information provided and the willingness of different trades to attend meetings for solving the problems. “The entire process of getting approvals from different parties is time-consuming; it is a daunting task to get everyone on the same page,” he adds.

As a contributor to the BIM team, Team Tectonix Steel attends the meetings and makes a note of the RFIs, and instantaneously gets the approvals for the changes requested, instead of waiting until they are told what to do. “We take a proactive approach to solving and refining the problems in meetings and getting approvals to make the changes,” extols Chamberlain.

From planning and ordering materials to steel fabrication and erection, the company covers it all. Besides an advanced material list, the team develops an early stage of the model—stick model—that consists of only the structural parts. This approach allows the steel suppliers to order materials quickly, based on the 3D model, with greater accuracy. It gives every trade a quick look at the building, wherein they can see all the main structural parts. “Rather than going through the long process of planning and approval and then making changes, we get things done in the early stages for quick and smooth execution,” he says. After approval, the team continues to add the plats and bolts and all the connections to fine-tune the model.

To deliver accurate, clear drawings in the most efficient manner, Team Tectonix Steel of experts in steel detailing and former teachers at different universities believes in the continuous training of employees. The proficiency of Tectonix Steel was on full display when they worked with the Las Vegas McCarran international airport for a remodel. There was a particular design concern with the escalators and how they lined up on the floor with the structural steel and concrete. Tectonix Steel attended several meetings and worked in collaboration with a concrete trade and the escalator company to get the steel in the right place and complete the project efficiently on time.

Scripting similar success stories, Tectonix Steel stands apart because of its focus on culture, the activities and employee engagement policies. The people in the team are experts in modeling, programming and project management—the company’s core strength. Besides aggressive acquisition plans, the team intends to expand its reach to the midwest.

"The combination of technical savvy with rich practical experience is a huge advantage for our clients"

- Jason Chamberlain, President & CEO

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