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Grant Stevens, President, Stevens Strategic AllianceGrant Stevens, President
Over a decade ago, construction companies were primarily utilizing conventional and siloed approaches to gather critical information from all parties involved in a project. As they had limited knowledge about the available technologies and their benefits, they were hesitant and slow to gain value from disruptive technologies. Finally, things are changing, and construction companies are evolving. Also, the entire development industry is witnessing a surge in advanced software, construction-focused hardware, and analytics capabilities. And at the forefront of this wave of technological advancements is BIM. With BIM, developers, architects, engineers, and construction professionals gain intelligent, real-time, and actionable insights on the overall progress of the construction and the entire development supply chain, thereby enhancing the collaboration and proactive troubleshooting processes for the entire team.

However, as development, design and construction companies today lack the in-house expertise, knowledge on integration, innovative strategies, and required resources, they seek out strategic partners to help them throughout a project’s journey, from implementing technologies to reaping profits.

Enter Stevens Strategic Alliance, a Colorado-based real estate advisory company that combines its team’s unmatched expertise with its vast partner network to provide advanced analytics and innovative development strategies. To help companies design and construct their buildings in the most efficient, cost-effective, and timely manner, the company utilizes robust BIM tools. With BIM’s ability to offer data visibility across different platforms, clients can view all the data relating to a construction project in one place and make the necessary changes in their existing plan, thereby minimizing delays and expenses. “We provide real estate assessments and strategic advice to help our clients look at their data, leverage their tech-driven processes, and tie them together, taking the overall efficiency and ROI to the next level,” says Grant Stevens, president at Stevens Strategic Alliance.
Founded in 2019, the company is the brainchild of Grant Stevens— who utilized the industry expertise he gained on his journey working for leading organizations from different sides of the real estate development industry to build his company’s current portfolio. Today, Stevens leverages his long-running partnership with Stanford University’s Global Project Center to keep abreast of the latest technological advancements and leading-edge research in the construction space. “Having hands-on experience and being in the real estate trenches for a long time now I understand the real-world challenges of the construction arena, which enables me to connect the dots and determine the best-suited technology to mitigate risk issues,” explains Stevens. The company also has deep partnerships with innovative firms in the development and construction space and beyond, which play a critical role in enhancing the real world value of deploying its services portfolio.
  • We provide real estate assessments and strategic advice to help our clients look at their data, leverage their tech-driven processes, and tie them together horizontally, taking the overall efficiency and ROI to the next level

Stevens Strategic Alliance’s current portfolio includes company health and profitability services, project management support, and partnership offerings for VCs and start-ups. Under its company health and profitability service, Stevens Strategic Alliance helps its clients improve their financial health by adopting the latest real estate advancements in analytics, which drive sustainability, data-driven decision-making, and strategic planning. Simultaneously, the company’s project management suite provides customized insights on a client’s development projects and assists them in putting together the best team of designers, contractors, and more to maximize synchronicity across the entire construction project. Lastly, the company offers accurate evaluations of new and emerging companies in the construction space to enable VC groups in identifying the firms with the most potential to succeed in the current market while providing industry insights and forecasts to provide critical guidance to start-ups.

Highlighting the impacts of Stevens Strategic Alliance’s portfolio is its customer success story with a large real estate developer who wanted to integrate the data from their entire portfolio of new development projects across the world. Initially, owing to the client’s strict expectations of quality and branding, they struggled to maintain their buildings’ consistency. Subsequently, Stevens leveraged BIM to develop a digital template for corporate design standards and institutionalized the client’s teams to follow the best practices regardless of their location. “Our digital template is comprised of the best details in design, architecture, construction, and operations, which allowed all of the client’s teams to follow the same specifications and build projects that align with their ideal corporate standards,” states Stevens. Further down the line, the company compiled the developed BIM models and turned it into a mobile-first 3-D model that maintenance and property managers could use to gain detailed information on all the elements in their building.

Moving forward, Stevens plans to build newer partners in Europe, APAC, and North America, with an aim to use the lessons learned during these projects to expand the capabilities of its portfolio and strengthen its clientele. “For us to grow with our clients is the most organic pathway to become more efficient as an organization and unlock newer technology horizons that will drive transformative changes in the real estate industry,” concludes Stevens.
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Stevens Strategic Alliance

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Grant Stevens, President

Provides advanced analytics and construction innovation strategies to enhance the performance and process efficiency of real estate projects globally

Stevens Strategic Alliance
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